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Polyurethane Equipment

Primary Applications:

Low density rigid systems

(refrigeration / panel lines/insulation

High density rigid systems

(wood simulations / moldings / structural components)

Flexible foam systems

(furniture and automotive seating / headrests / armrests / memory foam)


(coatings / industrial wear applications)

Specialty systems

(gaskets / filters / electrical enclosures / toys / athletic component parts / electrical encapsulation / trials of new chemical systems / research and development)


Our customers polyurethane machinery requirements can be as diverse as the industries we serve.  Whether you require individual shots or continuous flow, we have the machinery to meet your specific requirements.  Our metering and mixing machinery uses state-of-the-art controls and mixing heads for accurate shots.

Pump Machinery -read more

Cylinder Machinery -read more

Specialty Machinery

  • Low pressure
  • Metton (DCPD)
  • Switch units for multiple head applications